Herd Sires at Thorstenson Hereford Ranch...

THR THOR 4029 - Reg. #P42551314

Sired by 25L and produced by one of our best cow families. Thor is a sire that is better than breed average in all measureable traits and is a trait leader in 12 different traits. This unique tabulation puts him in a category of few sires in AHA. Several sons sell. Co-owned with Frederickson Ranch and ABS. Semen available.

THR Thor 4029 Profile

JDH 15 WRANGLER 25L - Reg. #P42194946

Tremendous breeding bull! 2,600 lbs. at three years of age. He breeds moderate birth weight and superior performance with big ribeyes. Trait leader in 6 traits and daughters are thick, very good uddered with strong maternal traits. His influence can be seen in his offspring as good haired, really good footed and powerful thickness.

JDH 15 Wrangler 25L

THR THOR 4269B - Reg. #P43503524

Big ribbed, structurally balanced, good doin’ beef bull! Could be the deepest bodied bull we have ever used.

JDH 15 Wrangler 25L

JDH 15 Wrangler 25L

PYRAMID CATAPULT 5176 - Reg. #P43605816

Catapult herd bull that is really growing into a powerful bull. Tremendous length, deep sided and moderate framed. He sires cattle that are long, thick made with eye appeal and have good eye pigment. Daugters are fancy with tremendous volume, ideal udders and made right.

JDH 15 Wrangler 25L

BAR JZ BRAVO 319E - Reg. #P43796982


JDH 15 Wrangler 25L

PYRAMID HOMETOWN 7030 ET - Reg. #P43841704



JDH 15 Wrangler 25L

BAR JZ AUDACIOUS 294A - Reg. #P43381464

Homozygous polled herd sire from the Bar JZ herd. Herd bull with two goggle eyes, short marked, and tremendous disposition. High seller in Bar JZ’s sale in 2014. His calves are high performing, thick and good doing offspring.


NJW 37U 100W Trust 113Z - Reg. #P43311890

Tremendous herd bull with proven, herd building genetics from Ned and Jan Ward. Deep ribbed, thick made and long muscled sire with powerful sons and daughters! Homozygous polled and high seller in Ward’s 2013 sale. First offering of sons and daughters in our 2015 sale.

NJW 37U 100W Trust 113Z

NJW 37U 100W Trust 113Z

NJW 47X 8Y HOMEGROWN 51A - Reg. #P43385169

Powerful herd bull from NJW Polled Herefords. Highly pigmented, long sided, thick and full of muscle. Daughters are in production and are some of our best. Really milk and very good udders.



PYRAMID 3027 DOMINO 1109 - Reg. #43185506

Low birth weight herd sire that is really thick and an easy keeper. High selling bull in the Pyramid Sale that is dehorned, but his mother is polled. He has strong Milk numbers and carcass EPDs. We have used him on heifers very successfully and they continue to grow.

Pyramid 3027 Domino 1109

Pyramid 3027 Domino 1109

PYRAMID HOMEGROWN 4151 - Reg. #P43494432

Homozygous polled and tremendous sire with great numbers.

Pyramid Homegrown 4151

JA L1 DOMINO 4154P - Reg. #42499500

Jamison herd bull with low birth weight and calving ease deluxe. He is 2,500 lbs. with big body, good hair and tremendous thickness. Daughters have very good udders, moderate frame with pigment.

JA L1 DOMINO 500R - Reg. #42597003

Really low birth weight sire by the powerful sire, CL 1 Domino 0157K. He has been used primarily on heifers with great success. Offspring are solid marked and have full eye pigment. Daughters have tremendous milk with very good udders and are mothers to some of the offering.

SR ORACLE 108 - Reg. #42915969

Outstanding herd bull from Stuber Ranch. He is sired by Harland 408. Real deep, thick butted with natural thickness and excellent disposition. Powerful sire with his extra length and total mass.

SR SAGA 529W - Reg. #43017445

Powerful herd bull sired by Harland with big numbers…high milk, good growth and tremendous carcass EPDs. 529 is real good dispositioned, full pigment, marked solid and an excellent breeder.

MAC'S RENDITON 20X - Reg. #43105175

20X is the “MVP” of the young herd bulls. He is low birth weight with curve bending numbers…superior growth, milk, carcass and eye appeal. His solid markings with full eye pigment and great disposition round out his MVP traits. His EPD numbers across the board put him in very select group of herd bulls.

HH ADVANCE 0034X ET - Reg. #43073928

0034X is a solid marked, red-necked herd bull that is becoming a big part of our program. His first crop indexed near the top and have continued to develop into tremendous cattle. His sons are deep and thick with real bull power.


HH ADVANCE 0001X ET - Reg. #43073824

0001X is a moderate framed, really thick herd sire with powerful muscle shape. He is solid marked with eye pigment and large testicles. His dam, 1028, is one of Jack Holden’s best cows and has produced over $200,000 in progeny sales. A role model brood cow that makes 0001X very important in our program. His sons should really cross on black cows.

K&B TRIGGER 0150X ET - Reg. #43117684

Trigger was purchased at the K&B dispersion and grew into an impressive sire. Tremendous length, solid marked and great numbers. Offspring are good doers and will perform.


THR THOR 4144 - Reg. #42551322

4144 is a horned bull we raised and is sired by a son of CL 1 Domino 484. Strong topped, big hipped, long bull. Daughters are in production, have good milk, and are great mothers.


L1 DOMINO 95331 - Reg. #19515032


L1 DOMINO 05455 - Reg. #42613572